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At Salata Pet our approach to boarding is quite unique. Most other boarding facilities will have your dog kenneled and only exercised  3 times per day for 15 minutes or you could pay more if you would like them exercised more often. At Salata Pet Supply, if your pet is social, your pet will be out most of the day, socializing with other dogs. We have several groups of dogs based on their age, activity level and temperament. This will help your dog be less stressed, eating and sleeping better during their stay away from home. We believe that a happy pet is a tired pet. 

Our facility has stainless steel kennels in 3 sizes for all breeds, sizes and families, a fenced outside play area and a temperature controlled indoor play area.

If your dog is social and enjoys playing with other dogs then, this is the place for you. 

Boarding is $20 per night per dog and you bring your pets food, treats and something special for them to feel at home like a bed, blanket, toy, t-shirt, etc. And don't forget to have your dog groomed before they go home. 

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