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  • Puppy Class - is a 1/2 hour class for 6 weeks for puppies under 6 months, that introduces your puppy to basic commands and helps you mitigate behavioral issues such as biting, jumping, house breaking, etc.

  • Basic - is an hour class for 6 weeks for dogs 6 months and older or that have completed a puppy class. This class builds off of commands learned in puppy class and begins challenging your dog with distance, duration and distractions. 

  • Advanced Class - is a 1/2 hour class for dogs that have completed a basic course. This class challenges your dogs knowledge of commands and your handling skills to prepare them for the Canine Good Citizenship.


Welcome to the Dog Training and Behavior Center at Salata Pet!  Our focus is to bring you individualized training that actually works for you and your particular needs and is appropriate for your dog's age, temperament and breed.

Our owner/trainer is an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator, Animal Behavior College Certified Personal Dog Trainer and Director/Trainer for Pups Assisting With the Disabled, Inc. 

Group Classes

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